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Dorothy King brings to the table a strengthened determination to be a voice in "OUR" Second District that brings resolves that Heal, Unite, and Strengthens confidence in our municipalities. Why? She bears a proven resiliency to stand under pressure, yet, Dorothy is not an island.

Mrs. King wants you to know that SHE LOVES Wilmington, Delaware!  Dorothy LOVES the 2nd District!

Tne 2nd District, with your help, will be  well represented. Why? Because after the election, Dorothy King, will not forget to be visible and available for ALL of us that are vested in the places that we live, work and play.

She currently serves as the Vice Chair of the 2nd Ward Democratic Committee and as the President of the North Brandywine Village Civic Association in the 2nd District.  She has dedicated many years as a volunteer for the 2nd District Neighborhood Planning Council (President), Sojourners Place, the Wilmington Community Development Block Grant Committee, and the Churches Take a Corner organization.  She is  passionate that has for a clean, safe and unified community led her to work with the Because U Matter organization to open a soup kitchen at the Wilmington Police Athletic League, numerous community Prayer Vigils, Neighborhood Egg Hunts and National Night Out partnership events with the Delaware Attorney General and Shiloh Baptist Church. 

Dorothy King is committed to being committed to your concerns as the 2nd District.

Public Safety

She is adamant about Police Reforms:

-Changing Forfeiture Laws

-Require and Fund a Pre-arrest Diversion Program for all with substance abuse issues

-Operation Safe Street Reforms

-Eliminating the No Knock Poilcy

- Recommend for Consideration a panel of Constitutional Lawyers and others to review the Current Police Policies.  

-Grant funding in support of Police Body Cameras

She is adamant about building upon the current opportunities presented by the Wilmington City Charter that has established:

-Revamp the Land Bank Conservatory which is a Homestead Program

- Promote more Homestead Program(s) which offers the Stability of Homeowners that move renters into owners

Promote & Build upon Workforce Development Initiative Practice listed in the Wilmington City Charter.

- Please Read the 2028 Comprehensive Plan that has been approved by Wilmington City Council.,here%20in%20Wilmington%2C%E2%80%9D%20said%20Wilmington%20Mayor%20Mike%20Purzycki.

 Dorothy King reminds  Everyone that together we can embrace and hold up Wilmington, Delaware in the Middle of It ALL!

Lastly, Elect Dorothy King, draws your attention to our City's diligence in developing a Strategic Plan that we can build upon.

Dorothy King Loves Wilmington, Delaware! Dorothy King Loves the Second District!

Elect Dorothy King


Dorothy King

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